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Thanks to the use of our air source heat pumps over other energy sources for home heating, our customers are making these fabulous savings.

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Are you looking to replace your old LPG/ Oil boiler ? Why don’t you consider an air source heat pump from Global Energy Systems?

Oil boilers require constant maintenance and need to be serviced once a year, air source heat pumps are a low maintenance and cost effective heat solution.

With our Eco Link service we monitor your heat pumps performance to ensure it is working efficiently and performing at optimum level, providing you with peace of mind.

Our customers are enjoying savings of up to 60% on utility bills after the installation of an air source heat pump.


Caernarfon 8-18KW Air Source Heat Pump

The Caernarfon heat pump as seen on

WHO WE ARE Global Energy Systems, a British MCS accredited manufacturer and installer of air source heat pumps.
IS IT FOR ME? Can an air source heat pump save you money? See what an Eco Air Boiler could do for you. Easy to install and simple to run.
HOW IT WORKS Air source heat pumps explained. Understand coefficient of performance and renewable heat energy.
PRODUCTS Eco Air Boilers. Complete heating, hot water and metering systems for homes or commercial use.
CASE STUDIES Eco Air Boiler offering air source heat pumps for domestic, commercial or agricultural uses.
SAVINGS / FUNDING See how much you could save. Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.
ECO LINK Air source heat pump virtual link offering monitoring, optimisation and your own energy portal.