Eco Link allows the performance of your Eco Air Boiler heat pump to be monitored remotely to ensure optimum performance all year round. Global Energy Systems will review the performance of your system remotely and automatically make any adjustments needed to ensure prime running.

With an Eco Link subscription you will have access to your own on-line energy management portal. Here the performance and energy data from your Eco Air Boiler will be displayed to allow energy use and CO2 emissions to be monitored and tracked over time.

To see a live example of an Eco Link Portal for a home running an Eco Air Boiler go to our Domestic New Build Case Study.

Your Eco Link portal offers remote control of the Eco Air Boiler over the web, allowing heating to be turned on before returning from holiday. This function is available through the Eco Link web site accessible at the top of this page and can be used from any internet connected device.

The Eco Link service can also be used to commission your system on installation.

The Eco Link service can also allow individual billing to be generated for properties where Eco Air Boilers are used communally such as residential developments or social housing. This multi metering and bill management service can be extended to include all utilities as part of an Energy Management System. The need for access to properties can be minimised through the use Eco Link and the low maintenance nature of heat pump technology.

The user friendly Eco Touch Control Unit can be located anywhere in the building offering full colour touch screen control and monitoring of your central heating and hot water. This state of the art heating control unit can also be used to control cooling or pool systems based on Eco Air Boilers.

With 7 day, 24 hour settings the Eco Touch offers total control of your home heating and hot water, including a date based holiday mode to turn your heating back on when you are due home.

The Eco Touch includes intelligent control logic, intuitively compensating for outdoor temperature changes to ensure optimum performance and efficiency all year round.

Coupled with Global Energy Systems‘ Eco Link Performance Monitoring service and Smart Metering options the performance of your Eco Air Boiler heat pump will be maximised and the cost savings and emission reductions demonstrated.

The Eco Touch Control unit is supplied as part of our complete delivered and installed system, and includes one year’s subscription to the Eco Link monitoring and performance optimisation service.

For more information or to arrange a free survey of your property, please contact us through the link above or on 033 33 44 44 14.


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