Air source heat pumps use the earth’s free ambient energy to produce renewable heat energy for central heating and hot water systems. They were first built in the 1850’s with Lord Kelvin suggesting the theory and Peter Ritter von Rittinger building the first example. The modern heat pump has been developed by Global Energy Systems incorporating the advancements in condensers and compressor efficiencies making them a major contributor to the micro generation of renewable energy. With excellent year round Coefficient of Performance the Eco Air Boiler range can produce domestic hot water at up to 70°C at the same time as running central heating.

Global Energy Systems’ Eco Air Boilers are high performance, air source heat pumps, capable of generating energy in a green and highly cost effective manner. They have a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of greater than 1 up to 4 in fact, indicating that they actually generate energy, producing up to 4 times more kW of heat output than kW of electricity consumed. Heat pumps thus reduce fuel bills by up to 65% and carbon emissions by up to 60%. The goal has always been to optimise coefficient of performance and output when the air is cold and heating is most needed.

Heat pumps are, in the simplest terms, a reverse refrigeration cycle of condensation and evaporation of a liquid/gas, with an electric pump compressing the gas to create heat energy. This is the heat that you feel at the back of a domestic fridge, with the cold air in this case being dissipated outdoors. A liquid refrigerant that evaporates at -40°C is used, meaning that it can boil even when the air temperature is -25°C.

Looking at this process in more detail requires an understanding of Entropy which is quite a big subject. This diagram demonstrates the effect on temperature of increasing the pressure of a gas. With the step from 2 -3 being the extraction of the energy to heat the water in the Eco Store Hot Water Tank.

For a more detailed explanation please see Wikipedia’s article on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

The electrical energy applied to the compressor is as little as 25% of that generated in heat and typically 33% at -3°C. This is the essence of the high performance, renewable technology that Global Energy Systems has developed.

This is micro generation, one of the key elements of the Government’s carbon reduction plan.

As an MCS accredited manufacturer and installer of our own heat pumps, Global Energy Systems can provide a full assessment, specification and installation service, ensuring that your renewable energy solution is tailored to your needs.

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