The UK climate is cool and damp which presents significant problems if a heat pump has been designed to work in warm dry conditions as an air conditioning unit. The Global Energy Systems’ approach to an air source heat pump is that it should be fit for purpose in the UK. The Eco Air Boiler range has a large evaporator to allow energy to be extracted from the air down to -25°C. The unit is configured to minimise the build-up of frost in our damp climate and to avoid the recirculation of cold air into the evaporator.

All Global Energy Systems’ heat pumps are equipped with Eco Link, an independent communications link, to allow monitoring and optimisation by the Global Energy Systems services team. The goal is to offer efficiency and output figures when the weather is cold and they are most needed through optimised settings and running patterns.

Air source heat pumps can work with any size or type of property or heat use, be it domestic or commercial. Our customers range from Scottish croft cottages to stately homes and from artist’s studios to manufacturing facilities. Swimming pools and year round heat users are a particular focus for air source heat pumps as they can benefit from the high efficiencies of warm weather running.

The process of assessing a domestic property under the MCS scheme ensures that any heating system using a heat pump is accurately and sufficiently sized for the property. As Global Energy Systems only install our own equipment and software, this intimate understanding allows the creation of bivalent integrated heating systems; systems designed with multiple heat pumps or heat sources and to tailored specific heating needs from cottages to castles to farms.

For commercial users, our intimate knowledge built up through building our own heat pumps and controls here in the UK means that we can integrate into complex systems and help installers design optimum systems. All this is backed up by the Eco Link system offering on gong monitoring and optimisation.

Heat pumps can work with radiators, air convectors and under floor heating and can be fitted into existing heating systems. An Eco Air Boiler is just that, it is a boiler that extracts energy from the air. Once that energy has been extracted it acts as any other type of boiler. Each room in a property will be assessed and the radiators, under floor heating or convectors will be checked against the heat needs of the room.

The Eco Air Boiler can be located outdoors, or in a plant room, and does not require ground works offering a simple, low impact renewable heat source. The Eco Air Boiler is well suited to solutions where a heat pump is required to be located indoors; there are several ducting options that are made possible by our fan design.

As the insulation standards of domestic homes improve, the importance of domestic hot water increases. Global Energy Systems addresses this through a turbo system on our smaller units which can heat the hot water up to 70°C whilst simultaneously running the central heating. During the heating season this can mean that your Eco Air Boiler rarely switches over to domestic hot water mode, offering efficiency and cost savings.

Heat pumps are run by electricity meaning that there are no deliveries of fuel required and no emissions on site. Whether you have a city centre or mountain top location, heat pumps offer a RHI eligible, renewable heat source that only needs an electrical connection. They can also be offset by solar panels or turbines generating electricity alongside them. This can be taken to the extreme of a fully self-sufficient off grid home taking no services from utility companies.

The Eco Link allows you access to an energy portal for your heat pump. The information is gathered through an independent data connection that allows Global Energy Systems to monitor and optimise your heat pump, and running data to be gathered to show you your heating use. In removing or displacing a fuel that has an identifiable bill you can lose sight of your energy costs. The Eco Link portal not only gives you full details of your costs and savings but allows you, probably for the first time, to see the daily impact of your heating use.

For more information or to arrange a free survey of your property, please contact us through the link above or on 033 33 44 44 14.


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