Key Features
  • Air source heat pump for large scale commercial use
  • Specifically designed for UK climate
  • Suitable for wet systems, pools or pre-heat
  • Non-Domestic RHI available – whilst RHI lasts
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • SSHEE 108% at average conditions

Product Description

Cambridge Data Sheet


The Cambridge air source heat pump from Global Energy Systems is a single unit air source heat pump capable of delivering 67-83 kW of heat across a temperature range of -7 deg C to +7 deg C.

Rated with an SSHEE of over 100% under the new Eco Design Directive it is eligible for RHI payments in the UK.

The Cambridge is suitable for use in multi unit or bivalent installations offering the option to balance capital spend with running costs depending upon the end use. In warehouses, offices, care homes or hotels the Cambridge can provide full heating provisions.

As with all air source heat pumps the Cambridge is particularly suited to heating demands with long seasons. Swimming pools, care homes and hotels can all benefit from the increased efficiencies of the warmer months.

Specifically engineered to perform in the UK’s cool damp climate the Cambridge utilises its evaporator and refrigerant  to offer cold weather performance and resilience.

Able to work with any wet heating system the Cambridge can operate through radiators, underfloor heating or blown convectors.

With a single unit and no fuel tanks or hoppers the Cambridge is a low impact solution for retro fits.

In city centre or mountain top locations the lack of deliveries and use of electric for power makes it an ideal, single energy source, sustainable heat solution.

For detailed installation specifications please contact us through the above link or on 033 33 44 44 14.


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