Key Features
  • Combine heat pumps with conventional boilers
  • Software to control heat pump and oil
  • Heat pump systems for large homes
  • Heating for properties with variable occupancy
  • Bivalent MCS accredited heat pump systems

Product Description

Heat pumps are usually sized to accommodate normal occupancy patterns and normal weather patterns, but what happens if your property is not used conventionally? A bivalent heating system may be the answer.

In this case our property survey will highlight whether your property has very high peak demands for short periods of the year, or regularly experiences extreme weather conditions due to your location. Specifying a heat pump system to cope with these extremes may not be the most effective way to design the system. A heat pump has a compressor at its heart and over sizing the heat pump can result in efficient use of the compressor.

Global Energy Systems have developed software to integrate Eco Air Boilers with existing or alternative heat sources. In most cases these are pre-installed oil boilers on existing heating systems. The software allows the heat pump to run the heating and hot water for the vast proportion of the year but, when the heat pump needs additional help, it turns the boiler off, regulating it through the flow temperatures.

This allows properties that have a large number of rooms that are only used infrequently to run a system balanced to the reduced living space, or homes that are used occasionally to be kept aired and warm through empty periods, and boosted when occupied.

As the heat pump is in full control of the boiler, these systems are eligible for an MCS certificate. Bivalent systems’ eligibility for the Renewable Heat Incentive is still to be fully confirmed.

Global Energy Systems’ Eco Link service allows the control of the heating system through a PC or phone on a remote basis. Our optimisation service also offers you a calibration service where we will tune the set up to your home once commissioned.

A Bivalent heat pump system can offer highly efficient heating for the vast proportion of the year and then real resilience for extreme cold or high occupancy when, or if, needed.

As Global Energy Systems developed our own software and heat pumps, we are able to offer this set up on all our units. For more information please contact us through the form above or call us on 033 33 44 44 14.


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