Key Features
  • High performance water cylinder
  • Specifically designed for the Eco Air Boiler
  • Available as single or dual cylinders
  • Bespoke sizing available
  • 100l-1000l standard sizes

Product Description

The Eco Store is a fully integrated, unvented, high-pressure hot water tank optimised for use with the Eco Air Boiler heat pump. It comes in several sizes to suit your property and the ideal specification will be agreed during the initial, no obligation consultation and confirmed in your quote.

The Eco Store dual unit is an all in one, twin tank design by Global Energy Systems’ engineers, ensuring the highest efficiency. The Eco Store should be located as any other water tank. It can usually make a like for like replacement with an existing tank, or can be tailored for most new building plans. The Eco Store can serve a home, including power showers, with domestic hot water up to 70°C.

Available in several size options, the Eco Store has a pressurised, high quality, stainless steel tank for durability and factory applied spray foam insulation for performance.

Single cylinders can be made to bespoke sizes to suit tricky installations.

Each domestic hot water cylinder is optimised for Global Energy Systems’ Turbo Boost hot water system. This allows domestic hot water to be heated to up to 70C in central heating mode at no additional cost.

The Eco Store comes supplied with the Eco Air Boiler as part of our complete delivered and installed system, with all necessary pumps, pressure vessels and fittings pre-assembled and included in the price.

Global Energy Systems offer a 3 year guarantee on all products.

Eco Store popular size guides:

Cylinder Dimensions:

200l Single – 1470h x 510w

300/90 DHW/Buffer Dual 2000h x 660w

300l Single – 1650h x 555w

500l Single – 1835h x 660w

Bespoke tanks are also available from 90l to 1000l.

For detailed installation specifications please contact us through the above link or on 033 33 44 44 14


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