Key Features
  • Colour Touch Screen Control Unit
  • On-line monitoring and optimisation
  • Remote control from PC or phone
  • Portal with full energy analysis
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • 3 years free connection

Product Description

Eco Touch
The user friendly Eco Touch Control unit can be located anywhere in a building, offering full colour touch screen control and monitoring of your central heating and hot water. This state of the art heating control unit can also be used to control traditional boilers in a bivalent set up or pool systems with software developed by Global Energy Systems specifically for the Eco Air Boiler heat pump.

Coupled with Global Energy Systems’ Eco Link performance monitoring service and energy metering options, the performance of your Eco Air Boiler heat pump will be maximised and the cost savings and emission reductions demonstrated.

With 7 day 24 hour settings, the Eco Touch offers total control of your home heating and hot water, including a date based holiday mode to turn your heating back on when you are due home.

The Eco Touch can integrate other heat sources through software developed by Global Energy Systems. Where properties have variable occupancy, or extremes of weather are common, Global Energy Systems can design a dual fuel, bivalent heating system that integrates a combustion boiler with the heat pump. This allows flexibility and resilience in extreme weather. Through our control software these systems are compatible with MCS certification.

Eco Link
With an Eco Link subscription you will have access to your own on-line energy management portal. Here the performance and energy data from your Eco Air Boiler will be displayed to allow energy use, and CO2 emissions, to be monitored and tracked over time.

Global Energy Systems offer a full performance monitoring and optimisation service through the Eco Link. The running and performance of your heat pump will be monitored by the Global Energy Systems team. If adjustments to improve performance can be made, they will be done so automatically. If your system is set up in an unusual manner we will contact you to ensure that you are not missing out on savings.

Coupled with our automated alarms, Eco Link allows diagnostics and maintenance to be carried on by our virtual engineer. This often removes the need for a call out altogether, or allows a specific issue to be flagged pre-call out, saving time and money.

Your Eco Link portal offers remote control of the Eco Air Boiler over the web through computer or phone, allowing heating to be turned on before returning from holiday or simply from the living room.

The Eco Link service can also be used to commission your system on installation.

A three year subscription to the Eco Link service is included in the price of an Eco Air Boiler.

Eco Link for Energy Management
Information on energy use is a key step towards planning to reduce energy use. Within a domestic setting, this can be as simple as the presentation of real energy use in a clear, easy to access on-line portal, thus allowing the impact of daily activities to be monitored.

Energy metering can refine your understanding of how you use your energy between lighting and entertainment, heating and hot water, day and night or parts of the home. A simple to install set of meters, and a Global Energy Systems portal, could revolutionise your understanding of your energy use, allowing you to focus on the key areas for reductions.

Renewable Energy, the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed In Tariffs.
If you are considering investing in renewable energy, energy management systems can allow you to identify the best technology for you. Whether you install solar PV, solar thermal, heat pumps or other renewable energy sources, an energy management system will then clearly demonstrate the energy you are generating, together with the savings and income that you can expect.

The Renewable Heat Incentive is likely to require information on energy use. Our simple metering packs can give you full access to your generation data. An energy management system can capture the electricity that you generate from solar PV, or wind generators, and demonstrate the predicted effects on your bills and FiT incomes in a simple easy to access online portal.

Whether you are monitoring the coefficient of performance of your heat pump or the efficiency of your solar PV, an energy management system can give you real time data and predicated income and savings alongside your wider energy use.

If you use a property infrequently, or are frequently away, Global Energy Systems can offer you effective remote control of your home. Through an easily accessible on–line portal, you will be able to control any element of your property’s energy use that you choose. Heating, hot water or air conditioning can be turned on or off, up or down. Swimming pools, outdoor lights, servers or sauna can be turned on ready for your arrival. Equally that unexpected cold snap will never catch you out again.


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