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Warehouse With Air Source Heat Pump - Case Study
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Key Features
  • Warehouse/production building
  • 3500 sq m floor area
  • Fan mounted ceiling convectors
  • Actual annual running costs £14,000
  • RHI Accredited installation
  • Annual savings on previous heating system + RHI payments, £12,000
  • Estimated £180,000 to be earned in RHI Payments over next 20 years

Installed in 2015, 1x Global Energy Systems Cambridge Air Source Heat Pump has been heating this 3500 sq m production hall. The unit has been able to hold the room temperature at a constant 19°C without the need for any back up, even through the depths of winter.

The installation is a complete wet system with fan mounted ceiling convectors evenly distributing the heat around the space below. The fan convectors deliver heat and destratify the air providing an even spread of comfortable working temperatures. These fan convectors have been specifically designed to work with the low flow temperatures of the air source heat pump leading to the lower running costs in comparison to alternative heating systems.

The owners have seen huge reductions in their annual heating bills savings over £4,000 a year all the while maintaining a comfortable working temperature. As well as these savings the installation is also RHI accredited. This, government funded scheme, has entitled the owners to the take advantage of the renewable heat incentives for installing renewable equipment. This year they have received in excess of £9,000.

With the initial savings and the added government incentives, this installation is currently saving over £12,000 a year on its previous gas fired heating system. The RHI incentive runs for a 20 year period totaling an estimated £240,000 in savings and payments.

The heat pump is a dedicated heating system offering the same design advantages as the domestic Eco Air Boilers but at a significantly greater scale. For more details please contact 03333 444414.




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